Lebanon: Vortices of Wrath, triptych, oil on canvas, 10 X 25 feet (3 X 7.60 meters), 1977
Lebanon: Summmer of 1982 (Sabra and Shatila), oil on canvas, 10 X 18 feet (3 X 5.5 meters), 1982-83.
                 Works from the Lebanon series 1975-1985


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Break of Springs

oil, 2.75X.3.65m

The Custodians

oil, 2.75X3.65m


oil, 2.65X2 meters

Inside Out

oil, 2.28 X 3 meters

Mad Spirits

oil, 9 X 7.5 feet (2.75 X2.30 meters)


oil, 9X7.5 feet (2.75X2.30 meters)

Bursting Head

oil, 9X7.5 feet (2.75X2.30 meters)

bolted Breath

oil, 9X7.5 feet (2.75X2.30 meters)

  Lebanon 1976: quadriptych, oil on canvas, each panel 9 X 7.5 feet (2.75 X 2.30 meters each), 1975-76


Nabil Kanso's paintings open up the visions and ideals of apocalyptic art."
Peran Erminy
Nacional, Caracas

" With intense radiant visions, Nabil Kanso’s paintings provoke, shock, awaken, and make us understand what it is to be human."
Luis Camilo Guevara

"Nabil Kanso’s monumental paintings are powerful expressions of the desperation of wars…Masses of figures wound up in an explosive dance of warm calling to humanity…His enormous painting Lebanon is our times version of Picasso’s Guernica."
Lars Backstrom
Ord & Bild, Stckholm, Sweden

"Kanso’s outstanding mural-scale paintings are a cross between the specificity of Goya’s ‘Horror of War’ and the universality of Picasso’s Guernica. With broad turbulent strokes, he paints horrific tales of man as a monster… To stand in the central space surrounded by Nabil Kanso’s 12-foot-high paintings is as close as you get to being in the middle of a fire…The horrors of war in his native Lebanon have fueled the fires that burn in these effective paintings."
Catherine Fox
Atlanta Journal/Constitution

Nabil Kanso’s canvases are a tapestry of souls… painted rhythm of naked spirits climbing an interminable Jacob’s ladder in a metaphorical conflagration which repulses and sucks us all in."
Steve Seaberg
Art Papers

"The magnitude of Nabil Kanso’s paintings places the viewer in the midst of a beautiful and a violent cage. His strong color and powerful brushstrokes blend with the subject matter: World chaos. The size of his canvases is more than big, it is heroic. The Battle against large format cannot be won but with a strong determination and a firm mastery of technique… It is here that you find the hand of the real artist beside the painter: a man with a faculty, a meaning, a longing and a point."
Hugo Figueroa

"Nabil Kanso’s universe is full of essences and existences, the discovery of truth by way of looking and seeing what is hidden in the occult wisdom of the artistic science. It’s the power and vision of a generator of such expressive forcefulness whose genius is the fact of the great truth.
Ildebrando Rossi
Panorama, Venezuela

"This is the work of a born artist who goes far beyond the wooden dummies painted by so many others. Just to go over a list of possible expressions shows how much of life and art these others have missed."
Gordon Brown
Arts Magazine, New York

"Nabil Kanso addresses a shared common humanity and presents us with a view of the world through the boundary situation of love, death, suffering and guilt. He gives us what a world of mass media, high technology and war has forgotten: a respect for our feelings, and consequently, he reminds us of the freedom of our mind. Through his paintings, he demands our rights as human beings. Because he produces his works against the framework of contemporary politics rather than from within the political structures, each painting is a rebirth of man rather than a reiteration of worn out themes. He preserves for us what is continuously threatened: Our humanity!"
Gail Kurlansky, Art Papers

"In dealing with the horrors of war and the circumstance of peace that mankind requires, Kanso creates enormous paintings that serve as powerful weapons in waging war against war�His mural paintings bring out the earthly nightmares that have concealed the serenity of paradise and peace, and transmit a new calling for an awakening. Human perspectives accuse and denounce the existence of justice at the hands of war-making rulers, not only in his native country, Lebanon, but in countries throughout the world. Kanso reveals the decomposition of the truth with expressive power and maximum impact aiming to give the general public an in-depth vision of a much wider scope than the pictorial representation of news events blotting the history of mankind." Carlos Fuenmayor, La Columna, Venezuela


Lebanon , oil on canvas, 3 X 8.5 meters (10 X 28 feet), 1983
Caught in the Web

oil, 2.28X3m

Endless Night

oil, 2.75X3m

Movers & Shakers

oil, 2X2.65m


oil, 7X8.5 feet (2X2.65 meters)


oil, 2.28X3m


oil, 2.75X3.65m

Echoing Tree

oil, 2.75X3.65m


Shattered Land

oil, 2X265m

Scorching Sparks , oil on canvas, 3 X 5.5 meters, 1981
Fleeing under Flaming Sky

oil on canvas

9x12 feet (2.75x3.65m)